Our Mission

Crafted around the idea that a customer’s peace of mind should be the crux of an online service, we strive to showcase our superior quality and value through no-risk trials and consumer-friendly policies. To put it simply, we’re here to make prints and build relationships that last.

Since 1985...

Family owned and operated for nearly 30 years, it’s our focus on quality and our commitment to great customer service that brings artists, photographers, and other professionals back again and again. So it’s no surprise that we have become one of the leading giclee printers in Southern California, continually trusted to bring artwork to life for participants of premiere festivals such as The Festival of Arts and The Sawdust Festival. It’s only recently that we have expanded to offer our expertise outside of California so we’re very excited to work with you to create a new chapter in Supercolor history!

Your Experience With Us

Supercolor is a little bit different from other giclee printing services. We make it a priority to foster relationships with our clients because we believe making beautiful prints is ultimately a collaboration between the artist and the printer.

We focus on long-term clients. Did you know that about a quarter of our clients have been with us for over a decade?

Like any good partner should, we learn from an artist’s preferences and style over time to deliver exactly what they want, every time.

We focus on long-term clients. Did you know that about a quarter of our clients have been with us for over a decade?

David Milton
Watercolor Artist

My art business requires reproductions of my artwork in various forms, from lasers to giclees. They must meet a standard of excellence in color and detail, which I will say Supercolor has met. If for some reason something needs correcting, Supercolor has worked with me tirelessly to get it right.

I’ve been working with Supercolor for more than 10 years and my experience has been great. The quality of their prints is top notch and they’re just really helpful. Highly recommended!

David Lebon, Photographer

September McGee
Oil Painter

My experience with Supercolor has been fabulous! For an artist one of the most important factors in having my work reproduced is to have the color of the reproductions be accurate and for the image to "pop". I have worked with Supercolor for over eight years now and the quality and service is first rate.

Cari Pike

As a professional photographer based in L.A. for 2 decades, I have had access to the finest labs and master printers anywhere. So it was with great relief after moving to Orange County to find Supercolor. I was very impressed with their knowledge of photography, the quality of their printing, and attentive customer service. I proudly recommend Supercolor.

Tony Florez

Really love Supercolor‘s work! They get the job right every time and are always quick to get back to me.

Karen Talbot

Really Nice Person

I work as a full-time artist, and the quality of my reproductions is very important to me. I have used Supercolor for the past four years for my scanning and printing needs. The staff is professional, courteous and always work in a very timely manner! If anything ever needs adjusting, they are always willing to work with me. The giclee reproductions of my watercolor pieces are top quality!!

I highly recommend all of the services at Supercolor in Laguna Beach. They are highly experienced in all of the photo related services and printing. Their Fine Art prints are exquisite and the favorite of all local Sawdust artists here in Laguna Beach. The owners have a wonderful local reputation for amazing customer service and attention to detail. Come and check them out!