Oil Highlights (pt.1) : 2013 Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach

With the Festival of Arts coming to a close, we thought that this would be a great opportunity to go through and pick our favorite exhibitors for each of the following:  WatercolorsOilsMixed MediaJewelry & Ceramics, and Pastels.

If you haven't seen our Watercolor Highlights from last week, please take a moment to take a look. This week we're presenting our favorite Oil exhibitors in two parts since there were so many entrants in that category. Enjoy!

M Collier

  • Rose Bush by M Collier
  • Sunflowers by M Collier
  • Paperwhite by M Collier

© M Collier

Artist's Statement

“The interplay of light and dark, high contrast and dramatic lighting are used to energize and ignite seemingly simple subject matter. The props are positioned in isolation to entice the viewer to draw close and experience a moment caught in time.”

Our Thoughts

Collier’s flowers are the epitome of beauty through simplicity. The color palettes are minimalistic but highly effective, bringing out the vibrancy of the petals by nestling them in emerald green leaves against a charcoal backdrop. I’m also a huge fan of the creative framing which gives the pieces unique and interesting points of focus.

See More at collierart.blogspot.com

Eric Gerdau

  • Morning Rose by Geri Medway
  • Within Between Beyond by Eric Gerdau

© Eric Gerdau

Artist's Statement

“Inspired by the atmosphere of the Southern California coastline, I am painting a series of horizons that celebrate our natural, exterior world while illuminating our interior, emotional states. These horizons evoke transcendence and tranquility despite impending change.”

Our Thoughts

Gerdau’s work teeters on the edge of surreal, capturing the otherworldly feel of looking out across the ocean. The colors used definitely contribute to that effect, giving the water interesting hues that are reserved for amazing horizons you might have the pleasure of experiencing once in a lifetime.

See More at ericgerdau.com

Jacobus Baas

  • Winter Sunset by Jacobus Baas
  • Shore Break by Jacobus Baas
  • Boathouse and Buoy by Jacobus Baas

© Jacobus Baas

Artist's Statement

“I paint scenes with a natural beauty that the viewer misses in their rush through every day life. This could be as simple as reflections in water of boats tied to a dock or clouds floating across the sky.”

Our Thoughts

“Winter Sunset” is a personal favorite since it really captures what Southern California feels like: warm sand, white waves, and the glow of magic hour as the sun sets. Baas allows the audience to relive their fondest memories by providing an idyllic backdrop which gives his work a wonderful sense of nostalgia.

See More at jacobusbaas.com

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