Watercolor Highlights: 2013 Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach

With the Festival of Arts coming to a close, we thought that this would be a great opportunity to go through and pick our favorite exhibitors for each of the following:  WatercolorsOilsMixed MediaJewelry & Ceramics, and Pastels. Let's get started!

Jacquie Moffett

© Jacquie Moffett

Artist's Statement

“The purity of colors, the pleasure of design and form, and the excitement created by light. For a little spice throw in textures and negative spaces. These are all elements I try to include in my watercolors.”

Our Thoughts

Moffett's use of light is a thing to behold. It is the tool she uses to fill her nature-scapes with a softness that strikes you with an odd sense of nostalgia. A lush meadow, a mountain path, a solitary flower among the brush. These are all parts of life we've experienced in one form or another and the highest commendation I can give Moffett is that her work sends me back to those beautiful moments and gives me a chance to relive them again.

See More at jacquiemoffettwatercolors.com

Geri Medway

  • Morning Rose by Geri Medway
  • Name Your Poison by Geri Medway
  • Lily Pad Traffic Jam by Geri Medway

© Geri Medway

Artist's Statement

“My work is about the brilliance of the light and the joy of color. Watercolor, especially, captures that drama and sparkle with numerous layers of transparent paint! My endeavor is to share my way of “seeing” with you!”

Our Thoughts

I absolutely love how energetic and playful Medway’s work can be. I could stare at her piece “Lily Pad Traffic Jam” all day! The splashes of warmth that are reflected off the Koi fish frame the action beautifully within the cool green water, slyly drawing the eye into the traffic jam. In my mind, her masterful technique and her charming sense of humor make her work a delight to observe.

See More at gerimedway.com and on Facebook

Wai-Sin Tong-Darbonne

  • Evergreen Love by Wai-Sin Tong-Darbonne
  • Song of Peace by Wai-Sin Tong-Darbonne

© Wai-Sin Tong-Darbonne

Artist's Statement

“I experience my ‘Deep Saturation Watercolor’ as an artistic dance of ancient and contemporary, and of East and West. I paint to express my gratitude to life and nature, and to the heart and soul of the viewer.”

Our Thoughts

Tong-Darbonne's work inspires an inner-serenity that truly relaxes the soul. The balanced nature of her compositions gives her work depth, pulling you in and allowing you to get lost in the theme of each work. The use of negative space in the form of textured backdrops contrasts with the foreground perfectly, giving the impression of space and wide expanses beyond the limits of the pieces themselves. Her work is one of my favorites, not only of the watercolor exhibitors, but of the entire festival.

See More at wai-sin-artist.com and on Facebook

Supercolor Giclee Printing
Supercolor Giclee Printing


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Anat Mondshine
Anat Mondshine

September 03, 2013

Beautiful work. Sorry I couldn’t be there to see it.

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