This Week in Art: 8/26

11th Annual Alexandria King Street Art Festival

"Alexandria King Street Art Festival returns September 7 - 8, 2013 with more than 200 of the finest artists in the country. This highly anticipated two-day celebration of the arts is produced by national festival promoter Howard Alan Events and hosted by the City of Alexandria.

Festival patrons can register to win artwork by two participating artists. The first, a 24" x 48" limited edition Giclée print on canvas of Virginia Landscape by Kathleen Green (, valued at $595. The second, a custom framed 18" x 26" print of Magical Horizon I by Cheryl Summers (, valued at $300."

Summer festival season might be slowing down but if you're in the Alexandria area definitely drop by and check out the festival for free! There will be limited edition giclées for sale not to mention several creative activities to get you involved. Find more information on

Size matters: Accessible art is finally a reality by Britt Julious

"This whole affordable art this is really new and totally related to the internet, with new business models," said Schuman-Stoler. People want to own images, but many will never be able to afford it or even conceive of affording it. The evolution of prints is the evolution of inaccessibility to access ability, for the few to for the many.

"There’s a relationship with what people have now and this desire to own and consume them in a new way," Hull began. "Art is conceivable now."

There was definitely a shift in attitude during the emergence of the Internet age. By connecting art lovers straight to the artists, the accessibility of art rose to new heights. Britt takes a look at the value of reproductions and what it can mean beyond the superficial dollar value.

Fine Art Can Be A Fine Investment by Stephanie Barton

"You walk into a gallery and fall in love with a $5,000 painting, but you just can't justify the price tag. The gallery owner shows you a selection of the same artist's work for a humble $500, explaining that the pieces are giclées. A giclée is a machine-made print, a reproduction printed on fine paper or canvas with color and clarity that can rival the original. But it's still a copy.“

It's important to be extremely careful when buying art for investment purposes. While reproductions are cheaper and may provide the same utility, they often don't hold the same value as an original even with a certificate and signature. Click on the title to learn more about buying and selling art as a long term investment.

Supercolor Giclee Printing
Supercolor Giclee Printing


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