Oil Highlights (pt.1) : 2013 Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach

In the first part of our Oil Highlights from the 2013 Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach, we take a look at beautifully rendered flowers, dreamy horizons, and nostalgic landscapes as we pick some of our favorite oil exhibitors!

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This Week in Art: Intergalactic, Shake-n-Bake, Pop Art

This Week in Art, we go intergalactic with Coggins' spaceships, reflect on the root of Shake-n-Bake art of the 90s, and learn a little bit more about Ed Hardy.

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Watercolor Highlights: 2013 Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach

With the Festival of Arts coming to a close, we thought that this would be a great opportunity to go through and pick our favorite exhibitors for each of the following:  WatercolorsOilsMixed Media,Jewelry & Ceramics, and Pastels. Let's get started!

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This Week in Art: 8/26

This Week in Art we take a look at a popular upcoming Street Art Festival in Virginia, the accessibility of art via reproductions, and how fine art can be an investment if done properly.

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Artist Highlight: David Solomon

We've been working with David Solomon since 1991 so when he painted our storefront we thought it would be a great opportunity to share him and his art with the world as a way to say thanks...

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Website redesign is live!

Exciting times! We've just finished our move to an all-digital platform. What this means is that we'll be able to easily and securely do business with clients all over the United States, how amazing is that? First of all, to our new clients: Welcome to the Supercolor Family. We've been serving Southern California's giclee printing needs for a long time and we're happy to finally get a chance to expand our horizons. We're excited to meet you and do wonderful work with you. To our long-time customers and friends: Thank you. We wouldn't have gotten this far without your support. We hope you'll stick with us for many more years into the future as Supercolor enters a new chapter of its life.

We hope everyone enjoys the new site, we feel like it's in a good place for a 1.0 launch. We're working to get more information about our services, better mobile support, and PayPal integration online as soon as possible. If you find any bugs or problems, feel free to email them to

Last but not least, special thanks to David MiltonDavid LebonSeptember McGeeCari PikeTony Florez, and Karen Talbot for taking time out of their day to review our services!